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You have discovered the Haute Femme Fatale Mistress. The tour de force of mental rapture. The avant garde elite FemDom. I am the legendary Mistress Sabina Erotica.

As a lifelong lifestyle Elite FemDom, this is no 'fantasy' for Me, I live this life as a FemDom every day. As you can see by My photos, I am REAL with REAL time submissive playthings.

I expect you to be a real submissive pet.

NO ONE understands the nuances of control or the mind of men like I do. NO ONE knows how to control men like I do. NO ONE.

With a drop dead gorgeous killer sexy body 32EE-22-32 and a highly predatory sharp mind, I will make you into whatever submissive pet that suits My desires. From kissing My perfect feet to making you beg Me to sit in a tiny room working all day depositing your paycheck into My account. I make you WANT to serve Me.

I prefer successful intelligent men to "losers". Professional men who have a secret need to be submissive in private. Discretion is key, I dominate some very well known men.

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Often Imitated, Never Duplicated... Mistress Sabina Erotica

Although many try, and many attempt, no one can be exactly like Me... I do it far too well...

What the hell are you doing down here?! You should be calling Me already!!!!!!!!!!

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This website may cause shortness of breath, sexually excited feelings and actions, and cause you to lose all cognitive reasoning. If you are offended by any of the following topics: Dominant controlling woman, Financial Domination or Financial Dominatrix, Extreme Financial Domination, FinDomme or Fem Domme... Topics such as Money Slavery, Money Domme, or Money Mistress... Complete Financial Ruin, Financial Manipulation, FinDom Bankruptcy and FemDom Blackmail. Or vicious Tease & Denial, Money Slave, Money Slavery, Financial Exploitation, Rinser, Rinsing, Cash Cows, Human ATMs, Pay Pigs, Goddess Worship, Blonde Mistress, Greedy Blond Woman, Sexy Narcissist Dominatrix ... OR any other BDSM ADULT topics... Then EXIT immediately! This site WILL distress, offend and shock you!

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Now a few words of experience and truth: The Legal Stuff - - BEWARE: Anyone that tries to copy My text will have your blog or website shut down for copyright infringement. My site is protected by programs that scan the web looking for plagiarism. Don't know what plagiarism is? My legal team will be happy to inform you. Be original if you are going to try to be a domme and learn the only way that works: By discovering your own unique style.

Also: I am the ORIGINAL "Financial Domination Therapy" therapist. 100% anyone else is a COPY of Me. I started all these trends: "Financial Domination Therapy, Financial Domination counseling, Financial Domination clinic, Financial Domination advice, Financial Domination support group, Financial Domination therapist, Financial help, Financial Domination 12 Twelve Step program, Financial advice, Financial counseling, Raise the Rate therapy, etc." Being a completely unique and successful natural leader, I've started several other trends too. Another testament to My abilities as a leader among leaders. The elite of the elite. When you want the real deal:

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