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What does male submissive slave training and serving  Dominant woman consist of?

There seems to be two approaches to male submissive/slave training:

One approach  is to train a slave to do whatever you wish them to do, whenever you wish him to do it, regardless if they like it or not. For instance, a Mistress may decide she wants men who will be whipped daily, even if they don’t respond well to pain. Or men who will do nothing but clean her house, or a combination of things, without ever taking the sub or slaves wishes, wants or desires into consideration.

The second approach is to discover the triggers, fetishes and interests a man has, and use and exploit those in order to get him to do anything you  want him to. Conditioning, manipulating him, and setting off his triggers.

As many men who claim to be turned on by the first approach, a demanding woman who tells him what to do, fewer seem to dedicate themselves to being trained in a way a Mistress wants, no questions asked.

It’s been My personal experience, that most men, or the majority of men, respond better to the second approach of slave training. Discovering and exploiting a mans weaknesses in order to get him to do what you want him to do, and he be most responsive and grateful you did it this way.

Often, a combination of the two approaches works very well.

When I train you, the submissive man or slave, I want to know what gets you excited. I want to push your buttons, and use your weakness in order to exploit you to the fullest of your potential. Knowing that a total power exchange makes you weakest, giving up every bit of personal information about yourself to give Me the potential to ruin you if I have to.

To use your weakness for sexy feet, or large breasts to twist you around My little finger, get you to give Me information, money, or get you to do anything that amuses Me or benefits Me.

Ultimately it’s about getting what I want, at your expense. One way or another. Either by demands, or by manipulation. Whatever way I think will work best for you, to get Me whatever it is I want out of you. If making harsh demands doesn’t do it, I’ll use any number of ways to get what I want. Seductive coercion, tease and denial, tickling your balls, gaining information.

I am often asked about doing real time submissive and slave training sessions. First of all, I have many loyal male servants who have already been properly trained to do My bidding. My requirements and standards are exceptionally high for real time. I pick and choose among the very best, well suited among those who desire to serve Me. For those who want real time, you have to serve Me flawlessly for a year online before you are considered. Tributes are an expected part of your regular servitude. Poor men do not serve Me real time.

If you think you have what it takes to serve Me, or you wish to be trained by me, then start your submissive/ slave training with Me now. Online phone or email sessions.

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