The Art Of Femme Fatale FemDom Seduction

There is a real art to the Art of Femme Fatale FemDom seduction. And when applied to the Art of Domination, it can be a most powerful weapon.

You see so many descriptive words bandied about in the world of Domination: Bitch, brat, bossy, mean, demanding, cruel, force, humiliation…

And that’s one style of Domination. Oh sure, it attracts a certain type of submissive man… It’s been My personal experience, that the men attracted to this type of Domination tends to be on the lower rung of evolution. The unmotivated, the wimp, the weakling, low-to-mid level blue collar worker. Brute force seems to work for them, and I’m not judging here. They have a right to enjoy what they enjoy. There is no shortage of people who will cater to this low brow Domination, and be able to think up far more ways to deliver the word “Looosssseeer” than I ever cared to.

But for Me, I prefer bringing a whole new level of refined control to the Fine Art of Domination. Style, grace, sophistication… Using My feminine charms and predatory mind to get My way rather than the school yard bully technique. Dime a dozen, that brand of  tyrant domination. It’s a fast way to temporarily dominate someone, but it’s not effective nor lasting. In fact, it takes very little mental process at all.

What do I mean?

It’s the difference between arriving late at the cinema, only to find a long line for the ticket booth, and bossing your way to the front of the line, demanding people let you go first.

This might work, but what have you created but resentment and a bad impression?

My way would be to go up to the first man I saw standing in the front of the line and appeal to his emotions and even evoke sympathy, in fact, getting him to insist I go first.

What have I created but a favorable lasting impression, and I have made people feel good while getting My way.

That’s My personal style. And this is exactly what I mean.

It takes a certain level of intelligence to fully understand the Art of the Femme Fatale FemDomme way of being. A style I created and evolved on My own, shirking the distasteful stereotypes of the “domme cliche” you read about and encounter all too often.

In fact, men find themselves begging Me to do things to them rather than Me having to demand they do anything at all. I inspire men to want to serve Me, rather than demand they do it.

See the difference here, too?

There is a time and a place for things like being bossy, bitchy, bratty,  mean, demanding, cruel, and humiliating. But these are only part of My larger arsenal, not the tools I first reach for when getting My way.

When I arrived on the phone Mistress distance training online scene, this lower form of Domination, or “dumbination” as I call it, was all too prevalent. It’s easy to scream and yell and lose control of yourself, or to channel your hatred for men into trying to control them. Or project your own emotional baggage onto them.

But it takes real skill to know what tools to use and when, and how to appeal to the type of man I love to Dominate. Men who are also highly intelligent, smart, motivated and looking for a higher form of complex and evolved Domination themselves.

It never surprises Me how amazed men are when first encountering Me. I often hear how intimidated they were to speak to Me. Because of the power I vibrate, and because they were afraid I’d consume them, that they’d lose control to Me whether they wanted to or not. Let Me assure you, when they do lose control, they thank Me for it.

I know this is speaking to a certain segment of you reading this. I know this is unlike anything you have ever read before. And if this intrigues you, then discover why I am top rated and top ranked Mistress on niteflirt. Sabina Erotica. Let your new journey into My world of evolved Femme Fatale FemDomme Domination begin.

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Sabina Erotica on Twitter

By the way, if you are not aware already, I highly recommend you sign up on twitter, and follow My tweets. I post real time updates as I Dominate and control men just like you, all day long.

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Is Niteflirt A Scam? How To Use Niteflirt – Using Niteflirt – How Do I Use Niteflirt

Is Niteflirt a scam?

How do I use Niteflirt?

I though I’d post a tutorial on how to use the niteflirt phone sex website, for those who are not familiar with it, or have not used niteflirt before.

What is niteflirt?

First of all, allow Me to give a quick introduction about Phone Sex on NiteFlirt — Speak to your desire. Niteflirt is the leader in the phone sex industry, rivaling all other online website phone sex and cam sites found anywhere on the internet, print advertising or available by phone in terms of business integrity, honesty, discretion, and customer satisfaction.

You can select from thousands of phone sex operators, most of them independent, (but not all) running their own business. (There are a few boiler room dispatch companies that run their business through Niteflirt, but once you become familiar with the different styles of profile pages, the companies are easy to spot because the profiles all look the same: Cheap and sparse. You get what you pay for if you select a plain profile).

This is NOT some shady fly-by-night dispatch company of unknown location or origin, who hooks you up with whoever is available, nor is it a sleazy boiler room full of bored people who care less about your needs. You may search through thousands of live listings, and read and rate flirts via the customer feedback, to help determine if a flirt is right for you. Niteflirt is a USA-based payment processor and billing platform. 100% safe and secure.

If you are brand new to niteflirt, your first three minutes are free. To hear My to-die-for voice for free, click on the banner below.
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This way you can have a “free” sample of phone sex. If you call Me first, you may use those free minutes getting to know a little about who I am.

How do I know my private information will be safe? After all, this is a phone sex site. I’m afraid of the bad reputation phone sex sites have.

Niteflirt, a US-based business, established in 2000, has a highly professional reputation for being completely safe, secure, and is dedicated to customer satisfaction. The flirts, or the ladies (and men, if you desire) you speak with, never, ever have your private information. Niteflirt works as a third party biller and anonymous phone provider, and they keep all personal information safe and discreet.

There are NO hidden fees. You pay per minute, NO minimum length of time other than 1 minute.  Your credit card will be discreetly billed without the niteflirt name on your phone bill or credit card.

Is niteflirt a scam?

No. Once again, based on My own observations and use of the site for 10 years, I have never, ever had a problem using niteflirt, nor have any of the 40,000 gents I have spoken to ever had a problem using niteflirt, nor did niteflirt ever scam them. I have however heard about problems from clients when they used other phone sex sites or platforms. A lot of problems.

If you do have an issue, you send a Customer Support Form by email, and a niteflirt representative will respond promptly, usually within 1-3 business days. They will always respond very professionally and are extremely dedicated to customer loyalty.

All you have to do is Sign Up. Go to the “My Account” tab at the top and click. You will see where you either log in, or sign up. Click to sign up. You will need to use a credit card. You can do this via phone or web. Niteflirt accepts most major credit cards.

I don’t want to put my personal information or use a credit card on the internet, or one associated with a phone sex site.

Niteflirt keeps all of your information 100% safe. However, there is an alternative! If you wish even more anonymity, feel free to use a pre-paid credit card available at places all across the country (google to find resources and information about using pre-paid credit cards).

OK, so how do I find what I am looking for on niteflirt?

From, select from the categories on the top, left of the website for categories you are interested in.


If you click on each main category displayed in the list on the left side, you will see sub categories seen below:


You will see a list of 12 flirts per page, displayed. Scan the thumbnail photos, title descriptions, star ratings, number of feedback points, and price per minute. Only the flirts who are available to take your call, are displayed. So every listing you see, is available.

If you find a flirt you think you might like, and wish to learn more about that particular flirt, click on the Title Description seen below:


This will open up the webpage this flirt has created, as in the example of one of My own niteflirt pages, seen below:

I’ve shown only part of My profile, you must scroll down the page to see the whole page. See My whole niteflirt profile page click HERE.

Call buttons are located at the left of each profile, current price per minute, and email link, in addiction to a tribute button, however, many flirts have tribute buttons on their profiles, such as the buttons you see to the right of My blog.

If you wish to see what other clients have to say about a flirt, click on the grey feedback tab located at the upper right corner to view written feedback comments, as seen at the bottom of My own niteflirt page below:

This way you can read what other callers have to say about their experience with each flirt. Feedback comments give flirts an incentive to deliver excellent phone sessions, and takes a lot of the guesswork out of deciding who to call. If a flirt gives a consistent poor performance, chances are, her or his feedback will reflect this.

Once you have registered, have a credit card and phone number on file, on your account, then it’s simply a matter of clicking the call button and following the simple instructions on the page seen below:

That’s all there is to it! Once you sign up and make that first call, preferably to Me, you will be able to have a session with Me, right now!

Niteflirt is open to callers all over the world. International callers are most welcome to call directly.

I hope to be speaking with you very soon.

Mistress Sabina Erotica.

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Financial Domination Therapy Advice Counseling Help – The Original FinDom Therapist – Sabina Erotica

Yet another addicted money slave consulted with Me yesterday, seeking Financial Domination Therapy, counseling and advice. This happens on a daily basis. Men, addicted to Dominant women, money dommes, humiliating demanding women, and bratty teens, seek My guidance and help.

First let Me state, that I am the ORIGINAL Financial Domination Therapist. Know that when I started offering My Financial Domination Addiction Therapy, no one else offered this, anywhere. Not on the internet or in real time. No one else did this. I already specialized in it. As a certified FemDomme counselor, I concentrated My focus of expertise in the area of Financial Domination Addiction.

How do I know you are the Original Financial Domination Therapist?

When I first decided to specialize in the highly specialized fetish of Financial Domination  and FinDom addictions, I checked every resource for “Financial Domination Therapy” many times, curious to see if anyone else did the same thing, doing this unheard of form of fetish counseling. No one else was offering it. No one else did it. No one in private practice, no one online.

Then I started offering FemDomme counseling online and distance training to be able to reach a wider audience who needed My specialized help. No one else offered it online, either.

Yes, I started the Financial Domination Therapy phenomenon. Lofty stuff.

Simply check My feedback HERE and HERE to see I have consistent feedback relating to Financial Domination Therapy for the entire time I have been on niteflirt. All copycats (and the trend spreads), changed existing, less successful financial domination/femdomme listings and morphed them to Financial Domination Therapy listings, or started new ones.

If you want real help, seek the original. Mistress Sabina Erotica.

What gives you the skills and experience to be able to cure My Financial Domination Addiction problem?

In addiction to being a certified FemDomme Counselor with a background in Psychology, I make it no secret, that I have been Financially Dominating men for a long time. Long before places like niteflirt came along with the category of Financial Domination, long before the whole spoiled brat “princess” trend started. Long before it was called “Financial Domination” or terms like “Money Mistress” or “Money Domme” became common.

Because I have been financially exploiting men for a long time, I alone understand the depth and complexities of this fetish. Men seek Financial Domination for various reasons. It’s incredibly addicting, and, can be like a drug. A drug you are unable to quit.

I have successfully cured the hardest, hard core FinDom addicts. Men who have been money slaves and pay pigs for years. You didn’t develop this fetish overnight, and you won’t be cured in one session. Your role as a money slave can be cured.

With My highly specialized and concentrated Financial Domination Therapy, I can give you the tools to combat this, and to help you stop the downward spiral of arousal, indulgence, guilt and remorse. Engage in ongoing counseling with Me, and you can stop. Yes, it will cost you money for the cure, but think of it this way: You will save hundreds if not thousands in the future, as well as your job, your relationships,  your home and your own future.

Every Financial Domination enthusiast or addict engages in this fetish for different reasons. My approach to curing every addict who seeks My help is unique and highly individualized. When you seek My help, I will ask you questions to help Me understand your particular issues so I can tailor a therapy best suited to your unique needs.

Is this a trick? Is this a trap to get Me to fall under your spell?

Once again, read My feedback and determine for yourself.

If you are ready to get the help you need, then it’s time to stop the madness.

Call Me Now for FemDom Fetish Phone Sex Financial Domination Online Mistress – Sabina Erotica 800-863-5478 ex 01-88-32-14

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Struggling With Feelings Of Male Submission – Dominant Woman Fantasies – Is It Normal To Have Submissive Feelings as a Man?

Do you sometimes struggle with your feelings of male submission to Dominant women? Do you feel guilt, regret, shame after indulging in a session with a Dominant woman or Dominatrix, or sexual fantasies?

A number of men struggle with their feelings of male submission. It’s very common for a man to have these feelings, and once he has indulged in them, he describes to Me these feelings of shame, guilt and sometimes remorse.

As a certified FemDom counselor with a background in Psychology, I have been educating men about BDSM, fetishes, relationships, lifestyle and gender issues for years, specializing in Financial Domination Addiction Therapy.

First of all, let Me reassure you, these feelings of guilt are common, and normal.

Second, let Me reassure you, these submissive feelings will never go away.

The sooner you learn to accept that this is a part of who you are, the better. Some men struggle with feelings of guilt over being weak for a Dominant woman, or sexual fetishes involving a Dominatrix. This does not define you, it’s simply a part of  who you are.

The vast majority of men I have sessions with are not wimpy, weak men. My submissive male clients are outwardly alpha men in their daily lives, with a need to be submissive in private. Sometimes this submissive need is only occasional, sometimes more.

Men are sexually diverse beings. It’s perfectly normal to have sexual fantasies you may never act on: bi or bisexual homosexual fantasies, fantasies about transsexuals, cuckold, strapon play, mind control, bondage, anal exploration, sadism, pain, gang bangs, being collared, slave training, and chastity to name just a few.

There is no need to feel guilt or shame about the thoughts that turn you on.

For those who indulge in these things, it’s also normal to experience feelings of compunction or remorse immediately after the act. The sooner you learn to feel good about your feelings of male submission, the sooner you will stop having these bad feelings.

Know that your feelings and actions of male submission are simply a way for you to allow someone else to take control, to decompress and explore and experience the submissive side to your personality. Also know that these feelings have cycles. There will be times when you feel them strongly, and times when you do not. Those men who are dedicated submissives have them more often. other men, only on occasion.

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Financial Domination and Blackmail Mistress Sabina Erotica

You seem to talk about Financial Domination and blackmail a lot on your blog. Is this all you do?


This is what men want to do with Me. Blackmail and Financial Domination  are also My two favorite things to do.

It seems, all I have to do is talk to a submissive man, and before I know it, he is feeling weaker, more submissive, and is asking Me about these fetishes.  Next thing I know, he is pleading, begging Me to blackmail or Financially Dominate him. Men quickly discover, how extraordinarily good I am at doing Financial Domination and blackmail, and... I indulge them if I feel they will make it worth My while.

For a long list of other forms of fetish and Domination I enjoy, visit My webpage HERE.

Call Me Now for FemDom Fetish Phone Sex Financial Domination Online Mistress – Sabina Erotica 800-863-5478 ex 01-88-32-14

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Female Supremacy – Female Superiority – Female Led Relationships

I am very much a realist when it comes to Domination, so it’s no surprise that I am a realist when it comes to the topic of Female Supremacy, Female Superiority,  and Female Led Relationships.

I often hear sub men tell Me, they believe all women are superior to men. When a sub tells Me this, I always ask: “What about female submissives who enjoy being submissive women, and who feel good about having dominant men control them? Are they still superior to men?”

The answer is usually: “Oh, I never thought of that”, or, because some subs who live in a fantasy world don’t like their beliefs about Domination challenged, (a strange thing in the world of FemDomme!), they will hastily say: “Yes, even them.”

I do believe all women have the potential to be superior to men. But no, I do not believe all women are superior. (It’s also My controversial opinion, that male doms are just as controlled by their cocks as submissive men, but that’s another topic for another day).

Not all women want or desire to be female supremacists or female superiors, nor are they suited for female led relationships. In My opinion, this is perfectly fine. Why shouldn’t women who feel fulfilled being submissive, be denied their pleasure?

As a natural born FemDomme, female supremacy is a natural way of being, the natural order of things. I rule, and men serve. While I consider My lovers to be alpha or dominant, they never, ever dominate Me. Closer to being friends and partners, they too are controlled by their sexual desires which gives them the potential to be controlled, however their alpha personality makes them superior to submissive men.

As a Domina who believes in selective female supremacy I alone hold the power. I alone control men by the thousands. I lead, men follow. I rule, and men worship. My personal preference is to Dominate and lead intelligent successful men. Men who are ambitious in their daily lives, who have wonderful qualities to offer Me from their submission in private. The simple servitude of a mindless minion holds little interest for Me, the pathetic loser holds none (except to exploit via phone sessions). No, I desire submissive gents who have the ways and means to financially indulge Me, the insight and ability to make My life comfortable, to be able to anticipate My needs, to have interesting things to say, to engage Me in complex and varied conversations, and to make Me laugh. And, those who find genuine personal fulfillment in serving a Domina of My unique caliber.

I believe in the reward and punishment system. For My real time submissives, I indulge them when they have proven they have served Me, and served Me well. It’s rare that I have to punish any of my RT subs. They know how lucky they are to be in service to Me. They know, I am the supreme superior alpha female in their lives, and they thank Me, each and every day. Wonderful men.

For My phone distance training submissive men, I apply similar principles. I am superior, they are submissive. Strive to please Me in deed not just word, and you will be greatly rewarded. Those who seek a quick release are never indulged very much, nor are they remembered the moment the session ends and they have paid Me for My expertise. I’m more than happy to take their money, but they will never feel My full power and control in their lives. Why waste it on the undeserving? Chances are, they don’t even notice. My low levels of control are so powerful, they keep coming back again and again themselves.

Note that while I make generalizations in My blog posts, there are always exceptions. I judge each sub and his potential and gifts and attitude towards Me, individually.

But if you crave  female superiority, and demonstrate such, you too will understand why so many men want to serve Me, and continue to serve Me well each and every day. Make an effort to stand out among the many Sabina Erotica admirers, and you will be rewarded.
Call Me Now for FemDom Fetish Phone Sex Financial Domination Online Mistress – Sabina Erotica 800-863-5478 ex 01-88-32-14

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How To Talk To Your Wife Or Girlfriend About Cuckolding And The Cuckold Lifestyle – Free Cuckold Stories


Cuckold is a historic derogatory term for a man who has an unfaithful wife. The word, which has been in recorded use since the 13th century, derives from the cuckoo which gives up nurturing its own by laying eggs in other birds’ nests.

In modern terms, a cuckold can also mean a male fetishist who gains sexual gratification from watching his wife, partner or significant other have intercourse with other men.

How do I talk to my wife or girlfriend about My cuckold fantasies and the cuckolding lifestyle?

First of all, if you and your wife (I’ll assume it’s your wife, but could also include girl friend) are already living the cuckold lifestyle, congratulations! You are the envy of many men.

If you have a more conventional relationship with your significant other, and desire to have your wife cuckold you, you might be wondering how you can approach your wife about cuckolding in hopes she will understand you better, or even experience it with you.

What are your own experiences when it comes to cuckolding and counseling men about this subject?

I’m a certified FemDom counselor, with vast experience in  BDSM, fetish, gender, relationship and lifestyle counseling. I’ve talked to thousands and thousands of men just like you (over 40,000 men!) about every kind of lifestyle issue you can imagine. Cuckolding is one subject I know very well. I  live it Myself and have spoken about it for years.

I’ve was cuckolding a man long before I knew there was a term for it. I made a boyfriend go down on Me after I was with a lover, long before I’d heard of the term “creampie”. It was a natural progression for Me to incorporate cuckolding in My life, as a lifestyle Domina.

Will my wife be receptive to this?

Of all the fetishes a man might present to his wife, I’ve had the most success getting men to open up to their wives in such a way that the wives agreed to engage in cuckolding. However, you must do it in a non-threatening way, or a way she won’t find offensive.

When is the right time to approach my wife?

I suggest when you are both comfortable, and intimate.

Or perhaps you can get a chance to talk to her in the middle of the night, or in the morning, and tell her you had an erotic dream about watching her with another man, or you dreamed she was cheating on you, and you found that intensely arousing… Whatever your cuckold fantasy is. Be sincere.

Getting her to open up to the subject of cuckolding is the first step in determining if she is open to the idea, and if she might agree to do it.

Will my wife or girlfriend cuckold me?

It can be very empowering for a woman to have as many lovers as she wants, and know that her man not only agrees to it, but is turned on by it. If you follow My implicit instructions as you move along towards introducing your wife to cuckolding, I assure you, she will probably do it IF IF IF you follow My instructions!!!

Sorry cuckies, I had to edit out some of the info of My article because too many of you were doing all this for free, and My lifelong expertise as a FemDom means you as a sub need to compensate Me. Sure you can read how-to’s a lot of places, but I know for a fact NO ONE can get your wife into the lifestyle like I have. Hundreds and hundreds of men who I taught will testify to this!

Can I utilize your professional services in order to help my situation and gain more tips and insight?

Yes! I highly recommend it! Without knowing your particular situation, it’s difficult to know how to counsel you. Talking to you, telling you what to say to your wife, and gauging her response, will let Me know what she’s thinking, and how best to guide the situation and tell you how to handle it. There are critical things a man must convey to his wife or girlfriend in order for her to understand and agree to it.

Will all women agree to cuckold their husbands or boyfriends?

No, but the percentage is very high IF you follow My guidance and consult with Me as the situation unfolds. I have a huge rate of success getting women to become cuckoldresses.

Can my wife or girlfriend talk to you to help her better understand what cuckolding her husband is all about?

Yes! For those women who show open enthusiasm and curiosity about what turns their man on, I’ve spoken to wives and girlfriends via niteflirt to better help explain cuckolding from a cuckoldresses point of view. Often talking to another woman helps them greatly. There are things I can reassure them of. I know their concerns and can better explain all the nuances involved. Due to Niteflirt rules, she must get her own account and call Me (they need to verify she is 18+), but that’s a small thing to do to be able to live your dream of having your wife cuckold you!

If you wish to learn more about introducing the subject of cuckolding to your wife or girlfriend, I would be more than happy to counsel you. Contact Me via niteflirt.

If you wish, I have an amazing pay per view all about My cuckolding experiences.

Call Me Now for FemDom Fetish Phone Sex Financial Domination Online Mistress – Sabina Erotica 800-863-5478 ex 01-88-32-14

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What Is It About FemDom Blackmail?

I know you want a change in your routine, complacent, predictable life. You need excitement… Something hot, something to bring that enthusiasm back. A reason to be excited when you wake up in the morning. A secret to have, that only you and I share. A reason to smile as you lay awake at night and reflect over your day. The beautiful, intelligent, Dominant woman you have been craving, aching for…

You need Me.

Take a  risk. I know exactly how far to take it, and when to do it. You will never regret it.


The Two FemDom .mp3’s Below Are a Set.

The Two FemDom .mp3’s Below Are a Set.

Call Me Now for FemDom Fetish Phone Sex Financial Domination Online Mistress – Sabina Erotica 800-863-5478 ex 01-88-32-14

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A New Spin On Posting Photos Of Submissive Men – Subs in Tuxedos

This was so cool, I had to post it.

My loyal (and blackmailed, and completely owned) subbie “N”, read My last post about how much I love men (including My subs) in suits and tuxedos, so he sent a photo of himself in a tux.

Do you know, 99% of the photos I get are of subs’ cocks or asses or subs dressed in drag? And isn’t that what you always see on fetish blogs? Seriously, do you men like looking at photos of other men dressed in drag or their tiny ugly dicks? Of course not, and I don’t post that trash on My blog like everyone else does.

Rather than posting those photos to please the subs who sent them, I post photos of subs that please Me.

This is very cool, and I love it. A departure from the norm. A sophisticated sub. It’s this kind of original and creative thinking that gets My attention. It can be something this simple. Reading My blog, seeing what pleases Me, then doing it.

“N, I blurred out the background so no one can see that you might be a musician playing at the Hollywood Bowl or Madison Square Gardens or some place like that. Oh I didn’t give anything away, did I? What? You didn’t expect Me to post this? It’s mine now, along with all the other photos you have sent of you, your girlfriend and her sister, right? Of course.

Yes I do have photos of “N”‘ dick. And his girlfriends’ tits, and……

If you are a sub and have photos of yourself in a black tux or black business suit, send it to Me. because I want to see what kind of man sub you are, not that you have a penis. If I blackmail you, I’ll be requiring those photos too.

Because the lives of My subs interest Me. I want to know who you are in your daily life, as well as who you are in your submissive life. The better I get to know you, the better I can control you in all the ways you ever dreamed of.

This is ONLY for subs I have already spoken to, or who speak to Me prior to sending, and no, this is NOT an invitation to send photos of your cock unless you are told.

Call Me Now for FemDom Fetish Phone Sex Financial Domination Online Mistress – Sabina Erotica 800-863-5478 ex 01-88-32-14

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