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I have not been updating My blog as much because I am doing more real time sessions lately. I took on a couple new submissive pets and have been working with them much to My personal enjoyment. Lucky guys! They know it, and they spoil Me in kind.

I often get asked if I do real time sessions with submissive men I talk to via Niteflirt, and My response is: Short answer, I always consider it, long answer, but you have to prove your worthiness. I have a pay per view about how to go about serving Me if this is your desire. I am still looking for the right property on the east coast of the US to have a sort of slave plantation there. A place where subs can spend time serving Me in a discreet location so that both indoor and outdoor play can be had with complete privacy.

As for My niteflirt pets I am happy to say that many of you have been so much fun to play with lately! Mind fuck games, financial domination and raise the rate (My favorite!), as well as conversations about fetishes, cuckolding, and mostly all about the perfection that is Me!

Look at My ratings: Over 27,000 points. I keep pointing it out, but anyone can say anything about how “good” they are, but nothing beats a proven sexy track record and as the worlds highest rated lifestyle FemDom in the world. I think I make My point.

There is a reason why I am the highest rated and most popular: Because I authentically LOVE controlling men! Intelligent alpha men by day, submissive ass kissing pets in private. No “losers” for Sabina, only smart articulate guys who want a world class experience and who has the experience and confidence to BE the best.

On occasion I am asked: Why don’t you detail your sessions more on your blog?

The answer is several: Discretion, many do not want this, two, there is only so much free wank fodder I allow (this is the reason why I stopped plastering hundreds of My pics all over My website, too many admitting they sat on My website and wanked for free), and also, as the best, I prefer not to put too many details about other sessions into writing, I’d rather Dominate and control YOU.

Are you ready to play with the best? I do want to get inside your head and make this THE best Domination experience you ever enjoyed. I strive to addict all the best pets to me so that we both enjoy ourselves. You work hard for your money and want to indulge in the best possible experience you can. Call Me and discover why I am the best. I want you to be so addicted that I am still the only Domina you talk about 10 years from now.

Call Me Now for FemDom Fetish Phone Sex Financial Domination Online Mistress – Sabina Erotica 800-863-5478 ex 01-88-32-14

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The Mind Fuck

mind-fuck-lolNo one mind fucks the minds of submissive men like I do, because no one LOVES to fuck with the minds of submissive men like I do: Sabina Erotica.

I am playing a game right here on my blog with a sub of mine. Oh the joy of knowing he will be scouring over and over EVERY post in my blog while I kick back, file my nails and have another submissive man pet rub my feet.

This is only one of thousands, yes, literally THOUSANDS of mind games I play with submissive men like you every single day.

Dangerous? I laugh when men tell Me: “Sabina, you are so intelligent, so devious, SO dangerous, I am scared… But I can’t stop serving you”.

Muhahahahaaa. Seriously, I get My fucking kicks off of fucking around in the playground of your mind.

Sick and tired of *yawn* phone sex encounters? Or do you want to play with the worlds HIGHEST rated lifestyle FemDom? I thought so. Call Me now and change your life for the better!!!

Call Me Now for FemDom Fetish Phone Sex Financial Domination Online Mistress – Sabina Erotica 800-863-5478 ex 01-88-32-14

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World’s Highest Rated Financial Domination Mistress – Feed My Greed!


Hello My submissive pets! I have been busy working towards creating a play space for real time sessions. I’m looking to get a property that is large enough to house subs and slaves for weeks if desired, and to be large enough and private enough for play sessions both inside and outside. As a lifestyle FemDom this will be for lucky subs and slaves who I personally enjoy being served by IN PERSON. If you would like to contribute to this, send Me a tribute!

In addition to this, I have been seeing an amazing Alpha stud lately. One who not only enjoys Me in ways YOU never will, but he’s also got a nice big cock. Mmmm he knows how to fuck me the way I enjoy!

So many of My pay pets have been indulging me but I want more. I am the greediest Financial Dominatrix on the internet. I have ruined more relationships because pets paid Me until they were broke for Me, sacrificing all their money for Me, and YOU are NEXT.

Call Me Now for FemDom Fetish Phone Sex Financial Domination Online Mistress – Sabina Erotica 800-863-5478 ex 01-88-32-14

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Male Humiliation FemDom Little Dick Losers

MALE-HUMILIATION-SMALL-LITTLE-DICK-LOSER-LAME-FEMDOM-HATE-MEN-WHO-ARE-CHEAP-FUCKERSThere have been a rash of male humiliation little dick losers calling Me lately.

The amusing thing about men like you, is you think you are somehow special? You call up and proudly announce: “I am a little dicked loser!”.

Guess what chump. In My world, you are a dime a dozen, and worse, you are almost always cheap losers too.

If you call Me for male humiliation, you won’t get the usual “Oh you have a little dick? Giggle giggle snot” but a REAL psychological drilling telling you why YOU are a loser, starting with the fact you think you are somehow special or amusing to a woman like Me who has heard from 10,000 little dicked losers JUST LIKE YOU.

That’s the real amusement for Me


I want to welcome all you guys from the failed phonesex website with the initials TS. You will love Niteflirt 100x better!

Tis the season, My pets. Indulge Me, spoil me, pay Me.

Call Me Now for FemDom Fetish Phone Sex Financial Domination Online Mistress – Sabina Erotica 800-863-5478 ex 01-88-32-14

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FEMDOM-SEXY-LEGS-FETISH-MONEY-FINANCIAL-DOMINATION-DOMINATRIX-MALE-SLAVE-TRAININGFor one of My pet slaves who wanted a candid shot of My sexy hypnotic legs, and who tributed Me enough to make it worth My while, of course. Don’t start emailing Me photo requests, I am not your puppet.

I am real. Domination with Me is an authentic experience. With nearly a decade of online experience and over 45K calls, I know how to make our experience together the best you ever had, the most real and the most authentic. This is not play acting, and as soon as you talk to Me, you realize, I am not one of the 99% of the phone sex actresses who are all too common on niteflirt (that make up 99% of what you get). I am the real deal.

However, I found this letter posted by a male dom to be all too funny:

These schmucks call me for one minute….we barely say hello and they hang up…OR they say something goofy like “Oh Master DEEEGRADE ME!!!” and then they hang up. Or I say one or two things that are mildly erotic and they blow their loads.  OMG…call after call after call of guys just blowing their loads in two minutes or just hanging up after we exchange..”pleasantries” is going to drive me nuts.

How about the guy that called and said, “Master, please degrade me, use me, treat me like the piece of sh** I am.” I will do ANYTHING for you!!!!” So I proceeded to lay down my rules and protocal, find out his limits, give a safe word etc. After the call is going for a few minutes I tell him to…put a finger in a special place…and he says, “Um….do I have to Master? I really don’t want to do that.”  I say, “DO IT!” and he hangs up.  Seriously?! So much for doing ANYTHING for me.

I have been personlly involved in the BDSM scene for over 20 years. I have played the roll of both master and submissive

and I have never heard of such wimpy subs in my life.

No, don’t torment my nipples, no don’t call me that, no don’t play with my ass…I mean there is only so many things left for me to do to someone over the phone.

Do the ladies on the line get the same thing?


I found it amusing because it is all too common! If you call Me seeking “real” Domination and control, that is what you will get. If you call and tell Me: “I am a cuckold money slave” then I expect you to behave as one.
Otherwise, move on to any of the fantasy phone sex actresses to be found everywhere. Nothing wrong with a fake fantasy role play, but don’t expect one here nor seek one here. Because I love making our session as REAL as it gets at a distance. I will push your boundaries, make this THE most memorable session ever.

If you tell Me: Mistress I want you to ruin my relationship for real!!!” then willingly send Me photos of your stupid wife or girlfriend, don’t freak like a fag if I tell you I am going to call her up and DO WHAT YOU WANTED like one dork did last night.

I love what I do. I am not one of these part time housewives doing this evenings only. I am a authentic lifestyle FemDom who does this all the time because I love making you beg. I am not the worlds highest rated Financial Dominatrix and FemDom blackmail artist for no reason. I am the highest rated IN THE WORLD because I am the best.


The holidays are here and I expect My slave and subs and pay pets to indulge Me in a BIG way this year. Start with tributes, or call Me for a raise the rate session. Now.

Call Me Now for FemDom Fetish Phone Sex Financial Domination Online Mistress – Sabina Erotica 800-863-5478 ex 01-88-32-14

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Letter From One Male Money Slave


This slave has this burning desire to be completely consumed by Mistress Sabina
Since being dominated by Sabina Erotica, this slave will not articulate how i feel about it.
This slave will willingly accept “complete” slavery to Mistress Sabina. One may ask, what does complete slavery look like. Well for this slave it the following:  This slave Begs Mistress Sabina to allow this slave to live in complete control by YOU, slave agrees to be financially devoured at the rate of Mistress Sabina’s chosing.

Slave agrees to work a second and third job for added inclome to give to Mistress Sabina. Slave agrees to intentionally deprive himself of creature comforts in an effort to ammuse Mistress Sabina.

Slave agrees to be financially ruined by Mistress Sabina to the extent possible and further be in debt after the complete rui has taken place.

Slave agrees to be deprived of any and all things that provide pleasure, such as but not limited to : sleep , certain foods, orgasms, sex, wearing clothes, body modification, bondage, prolonged periods of no contact.

Slave agrees to worship Mistress Sabina every day. Slave agrees his existence is provide enjoyment to Mistress Sabina. Slave agrees to complete control of all audio, visual and internet, phone , messaging activity. Slave agrees to suffer in any capacity especially emotionaly if it bring Mistress Sabin pleaure …….

this is how i desire to spend the remainder of my life serving Mistress Sabina Erotica  slave s  10/21/13

 I am always pleased when a slave commits himself and his life to pleasing Me. I look forward to controlling this slave for the rest of his life. The life I will ruin!

Call Me Now for FemDom Fetish Phone Sex Financial Domination Online Mistress – Sabina Erotica 800-863-5478 ex 01-88-32-14

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A Letter From An Admiring Submissive Pet


Below is one of the hundreds of worshipful emails I get all the time.

Hello again Goddess Sabina,
I have to write to apologize for my lack of funds to please Your appetites…and mine.  I’ve recently gotten a new job since I didn’t have enough money to finish my degree.  I’m in quite a bit of debt and this new job will help fix that in the months to come.  I was also thinking that I could once again explore my fetishes.  

I started reading Your blog again.  Soaking up Your words.  But I saw You now had MP3s.  I thought to myself, “I can stay at a safe worship distance and still indulge myself.”  After all, it’s obvious I can’t live without this part of me in my every day life.  I was very wrong to think I was safe.
I tried to contain my nervousness tonight, but could not.  I know it.  I know You heard it in my voice, too.  Then, even that made it worse – knowing You hear it and listening to Your voice and Your actions as it fed Your power just made me want You to suck the will right out of me.  I wanted it more and more as the minutes passed.  To feel my stomach just tighten up.  My heart race.  Breathing becomes difficult, but I don’t care.  I wanted to kneel at Your divine feet and lavish them with loving worship as You watched me.  The more You’d see how much I needed it, the more I’d hope it fed Your ego.  

From beneath You, to look up and see Your smile slowly disappear – the real You comes out.  Hungry, eager to see how deep my devotion goes now.  To FEEL me DEEP beneath You DESPERATE to be used.  I fantasize about You dropping down and sitting on my lap and gripping my throat with both hands, squeezing tightly.  You then lick across my lips, slowly, as You breathe onto my face.  You then stare into my eyes and tell me, “MIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNEEEEE!’  My eyes wide open.  Staring.  Can’t fight You.  Don’t WANT to fight You.   Can’t breathe.  and I feel Your legs now tighten around my waist.  No escape.  You tell me, “You want MOOOOOORRRRREEEE.”  And I do.  You’re reprogramming my brain directly.  Such power…force…NEED.  
It’s how I see You deeply, Goddess.  So beautiful and seductive.  Completely overpowering.  It must be such a rush to feel them break beneath You…each and every time.  Especially when You break and enslave the alphas.  To see them fall as no one else could make them.  Then use them.  Then use them harder.  All until You capture another.

 A new rush.  I LOVE it, Goddess!

My submissive man pets adore their Mistress Sabina Erotica.

Yesterday I got a call from a submissive man who opened the conversation with enthusiasm and an interest in Me. My thoughts, beliefs and ways I live My perfect FemDom lifestyle. While he was more of a Kinkster than submissive, his attitude was one of respect, so I indulged him properly. Attitude can make the difference between a fair session and a great one. YOUR attitude.

Be charismatic, respectful, take some time to ask respectful questions that focus on Me rather then your kink, fetish or submissive desires, and you will gain My personal interest. A submissive man who takes an interest in Me, gets interest in return.

Stand out among the thousands and thousands of men who contact Me and act accordingly. You won’t regret it. I like to like the men I Dominate (what a concept!) but your approach makes the difference.

Enter My amazing FemDom world. Experience control in a way you will never forget. Call Me now.
Call Me Now for FemDom Fetish Phone Sex Financial Domination Online Mistress – Sabina Erotica 800-863-5478 ex 01-88-32-14

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Sabina Erotica – FemDom Interview

I was asked to answer a series of questions, to be posted on a soon to be launched elite Domination website highlighting the worlds most truly powerful Dominas. Below is the interview.

1. I’m so excited to finally be interviewing the magnificent Sabina Erotica! Please introduce yourself: Who are you, and what do you do?

I am Mistress Sabina Erotica, lifestyle Dominatrix, Dominant woman, certified BDSM, fetish, lifestyle educator/counselor, specializing in Financial Domination addictions (the original FinDom Therapist), and male Domination, Financial Domination Queen, elite of the elite, and blackmail specialist.

2. When did you know you wanted to be a Mistress/Dominatrix?

I learned when I was very young, there were two different kinds of men: The alpha/assertive, and the submissive/servile. The submissive ones wanted to carry My books home from school, do My chores and run My errands. All they wanted from Me in return was to bask in My glory. I appreciated all the things they did for Me, and the money and gifts they would give Me. I found them very easy to control and manipulate if I so desired. In return, all I had to do was give them a little bit of My attention, and they were thrilled.

Over the years I have explored the deeper levels of being a Dominatrix and what being in control means, at all levels. I strive to be the best of the best at whatever I desire to do. And, I am. However, identifying Myself as a Mistress or a Dominatrix is only a part of the complex person I am, not the totality.

3. How do you express your Dominance? In other words, are you a pro, lifestyle, etc?

I am an unconventional lifestyle Mistress, marching to the beat of My own drum. I make My own rules, and cast off stereotypes of what it’s supposed to “mean” to be a “Domme”. I live the life most people only dream about living. I do what I want to do, when I want to do it. I answer to no one but Myself. I am highly selective about the men who serve Me real time. They are among the lucky few who get to be in My presence, and they know it and treat Me accordingly.

Nearly a decade ago I included online or distance training and email sessions to My Domination repertoire via the internet.

4. What are the differences between doing real time sessions and online/distance training sessions?

I’ve found the variety, speed, the need for discretion for My client subs and convenience of online Domination sessions to be very much to My liking. You cannot learn as much as I have learned doing phone Domination sessions in a lifetime of pro or real time sessions. You can’t meet the volume and diversity of men I have met either. I have very loyal and committed real time subs who serve Me well, but I tend to be predatory, always seeking the latest conquest. Online or distance training sessions are always changing depending on who I am in session with, keeping My interest level fresh. If one session doesn’t please Me, I only have to wait a short time, and there will be a better session/sub.

My real times subs get the privilege of interacting with Me by rubbing My feet, serving Me a drink, cleaning My house, doing My errands, taking Me shopping, traveling, and all the things an online or phone submissive is unable to do. My real time subs are fiercely loyal and devoted to pleasing Me. They constantly demonstrate their submission to Me and indulge Me financially in very generous ways

5. What is your opinion about men?

I love men. Men are My friends, My lovers and My servants. No, I don’t think all men are “losers”. Quite the contrary. I adore men. I like to like the men I Dominate. I prefer to surround Myself with smart, successful men, whether they be friend, lover or submissive. I also enjoy exploiting men, manipulating men, and using men.

6. What are the things you like and the things you dislike as a Mistress/Dominatrix?

Control. I have explored what control means My whole life. I understand it’s nuances better than anyone, bar none. I like being in control, being able to control men who have a lot of control in their daily lives. Controlling a lot of men worldwide.

Power. One can never have enough power, and having power over men is a way of life for Me. I feel comfortable Dominating some of the worlds most outwardly powerful men.

Total power exchange. Real power exchanges such as exploiting men financially and accumulating personal information gives Me real, tangible leverage. I deal in realism, real power exchange, not play pretend fantasy power.

What is there to dislike about being a Mistress? I can’t think of a single thing.

7. What kind of submissive man are you attracted to? Who are the men attracted to you?

This is an easy one. I like smart, intelligent, successful men, men who are ambitious and driven to succeed in their daily lives with a need to be submissive in private. Forward thinking, original, self made men, men with money and the desire to indulge a woman of My caliber. Men who have the ability to recognize My unique qualities and intelligence. Men with charisma, who make Me laugh, who inspire My mind, who can have interesting conversations outside of their personal interests in their own fetishes, men who have a genuine interest in Me and how to best please Me. Men who can think for themselves, who anticipate My needs, who strive to please Me in their own ways. Visionaries, corporate men, free thinkers… The list goes on.

The men who are attracted to Me tend to be exactly the kind of men I want to attract. I seek men I prefer to control and encourage those who fit My personal taste.

8. What do people get out of interacting with you?

The most powerful and rewarding form of Domination and control begins and ends in the mind and no one understands this like I do. No one. It’s easy to beat a man into submission, I’d rather inspire him to want to serve Me. I am curious about the men who are curious about Me. The Domme/sub dynamics are deeply explored with Me. I prefer long term interactions as those are more rewarding than the infrequent quickie session. The more a man gives, the more he gets. It’s My opinion that Domination should be a mutually enjoyable experience for both/all people involved. Sub men who show by action their sincere desire to please Me, get My sustained best in return. I will control you in all the ways you ever dreamed of.

10. What turns you on? What turns you off?

What turns Me on? Money. When a man gives Me a lot of money. The indisputable power exchange of money. I discovered My love for Financial Domination and financial exploitation long before it was called Financial Domination.

Blackmail. Having real power, control and leverage in a mans life. Making him do exactly as I please, or suffer real and tangible consequences.

Other times it can be that elusive Domme/sub chemistry two people have when they come together, or the way a sub responds to Me that I find arousing.

A few of the other things I enjoy in addition to Financial Domination and blackmail in no particular order: Mind fucking, mental manipulation, Female Supremacy, Cuckold, tease and denial, guided masturbation, total power exchange, forced intox, addictions, exploitation, money slavery, pay piggies, Goddess worship, complete financial ruin, life control, Dominant life coach/GFE (girl friend experience), time constraints, servitude, forced bi/glory hole, erotic power exchange, FemDomme FemDom Fatale relationships, phychological torment and much, much more.

For a more comprehensive fetish list of the things I enjoy, see My website HERE.

What turns Me off? Men who talk about the fantasy of Financial Domination and blackmail. The completely self-centered, the self serving kinksters who show no interest in Me except as a vehicle to his orgasm. I’ll do sessions with them, as long as they are respectful enough, and compensating Me well for My expertise, but I won’t remember who they are the moment I hang up. In fact, the only submissive men who stay on My radar are those who are actively striving to please Me in the ways I outline on My website. The rest I simply forget the moment I hang up the phone except to see how much money I garnered from them.

I have the popularity and the ability to pick and choose among the very best to interact with. Those I don’t like or who disrespect Me, simply get blocked. It’s a privilege being in My world.

11. Do you have relationships with your submissive partners?

It depends on how you define a “relationship”. If you mean in the more conventional sense, as in being married to a submissive man or cuckold, the answer is no. I don’t “date” submissive men. I have alpha lovers who meet My sexual needs, and I Dominate My subs. As I am an authentic lifestyle FemDom I don’t have sex or sexual contact with My subs. However, I do have very deep, meaningful relationships with some of My subs in terms of emotional, financial and non-contact sexual ways.

12. Are you actively involved in the BDSM scene?

Do I attend BDSM social functions, munches or fetish gatherings? No. I find them boring, crass and pretentious. I feel the same way about a lot of different social gatherings, not just BDSM.

13. Anything else you’d like people to know that wasn’t covered already?

I don’t think most men are “losers”. While I can take control of a willing sub in an instant, I don’t expect every man to drop to his knees for Me the moment we connect. I am genuine and authentic, I do not act or play a role. I prefer My subs to be the same.

I rarely if ever pursue a man, men pursue Me. I know My value and worth as a Domina not because I proclaim it, but because 40,000+ men have both told Me and shown Me. Men indulge Me, a LOT of men indulge Me. If you want My attention, you must demonstrate and prove yourself. You have tough competition.

I am a leader among My own, top rated Mistress and ranked at the top of niteflirt, the most competitive phone sex Domination website with the highest level of competition to be found anywhere on the internet. I demonstrate My own personal power in very real and verifiable ways, therefor I expect to be treated accordingly.

How can submissive men interested in sessions with you, contact you?

I conduct phone distance training sessions and online paid email sessions via niteflirt under My name, Sabina Erotica and Mistress Sabina Erotica. Find My Main listing click HERE.

I have several websites, and a blog all which can be found on My main website at

Thank you Mistress Sabina Erotica for this insightful interview. You really are an incredible FemDom!

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Financial Domination – Feed My Greed

Another motherfucking payday for ME, Sabina Erotica. Cha-ching I LOVE it when I get a huge stack of cash from one of My many devoted pay piggies! This pay piggie wants to be financially ruined, and he’s doing a good job of not only exhausting his savings, and cashing in his CDs, but he is now siphoning off his retirement account… For ME.

As the worlds HIGHEST rated Financial Dominatrix, believe Me you human ATMs, sugar daddies, money slaves and cash cows will never indulge a better more spoiled GODdess. Now feed MORE of My greed and PAY ME!!!

An email from one of My MANY slaves:

I love what you do,  the fact that you know exactly what brings you pleasure is rarely found in women. I also like the fact you care more about a slave ( despite it being [sic] potentionally ruinous)  than most wives ” you are the only Female Dom who understands guys.

This is a slave who has been around the Domination scene for over 20 years, so he knows what the fuck he’s talking about. Now as My owned slave, he serves Me and only Me.

I’m in a greedy mood lately and you WILL feed My perfect greed. Do it NOW!!

Call Me Now for FemDom Fetish Phone Sex Financial Domination Online Mistress – Sabina Erotica 800-863-5478 ex 01-88-32-14

Call Sabina Erotica for phone sex on

Free FemDom Phone Sex – Hear My To-Die-For voice for free – Lucky You!

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Male Servitude – Serving Mistress Sabina Erotica – New FemDom Audio .mp3 Recording

So many of My pets have been asking for this.

Realistic ways in which ANY submissive male can serve Me and please Me.

Buy, listen, memorize, call, serve.
Call Me Now for FemDom Fetish Phone Sex Financial Domination Online Mistress – Sabina Erotica 800-863-5478 ex 01-88-32-14

Call Sabina Erotica for phone sex on

Free FemDom Phone Sex – Hear My To-Die-For voice for free – Lucky You!

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