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Extreme Porn Addiction -Bad Habit or Salvation?

An article written for me by one of my slaves:

PORN ADDICTION:    BY a porn addicted guy

My addiction to pornography has only increased since I met Sabina Erotica. As a typical guy in today’s world of internet, sexy magazines, music videos, beautiful  women everywhere, it was Sabina Erotica who truly addicted me to porn.


The rush of excitement and sexual arousal when viewing porn is awesome. I love the affects of the energy it creates within me to continue to want more. There are so many types of female domination Porn, that Sabina Erotica gives me a “theme” every month. For example, she will choose different kinds of femdom porn such as: women’s asses, or  strap-on, and then the next month would be dom/sub women for me to watch.


So my PORN addiction took off for the better, the day I was lucky enough to call  Sabina Erotica. It began so easily, and with the help and guidance, conditioning and control by Mistress Sabina, my porn experience has dramatically grown in intensity and duration. The enjoyment of watching what she tells me to watch, and be exposed to the hottest dominant women PORN on the net, is so fucking exciting!!!


Porn can give you the most massive orgasms in the world, if controlled by Sabina Erotica. When Sabina Erotica tells me to edge for days and days, this makes watching PORN like winning the lottery. Eventually she allows me release, and they are THE best orgasms I ever experienced! .  Mistress Sabina Erotic has only enhanced  what I call my ‘Porn Addiction Experience’.


Mistress Sabina Erotica enjoys knowing She greatly increased my Porn addiction. My purpose is to be the most sexually frustrated guy, and with the control of Sabina Erotica, she  manipulated my addiction unlike anyone else. Sabina Erotica helped me be a better submissive. The benefits are incredible to my cock, my mind, body and soul, and the energy from all the PORN she has me watch is powerful. The sexual freedom to engage in as much PORN as possible is like heaven. And Sabina Erotica makes it the best experience ever. Better than watching porn by yourself!


Masturbation and PORN are nearly synonymous for  guys. Guys LOVE to masturbate, and what better way to become more and more addicted by joining Sabina Erotica’s PORN program TODAY!!.


Sabina Erotica is helping me to live a more secretive, highly erotic double life..EROTIC in so many ways. PORN is the vehicle, Sabina Erotica is the holy grail to make your PORN addiction more intense than you have ever experienced before. Rather than get lost in the ocean of porn, Sabina Erotica makes sure you are maximizing your porn time, porn subjects, and secrecy to get more sexual arousal.  She guides you to the place you need to go. She knows what is best.


If your are a submissive man who loves PORN and needs more control over what you do with PORN, then  call MISTRESS SABINA EROTICA, and She will help you be that person who can bring it to the top level, and you will  thank Her for it!!!

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Details of How a Slave Should Treat His Mistress – Femdom Slave Training – Love for a male Slave’s Goddess

Male Slave Training – How to Train Your Slave – FemDom Lessons – Make Your Slave Loyal


Above all else a slaves number one primary focus shall be to please his Mistress no matter what the consequences are.  Pleasing Mistress Sabina Erotica can take many forms, however the slave’s well being is not of any importance, other than to continually serve.

A slaves potential usefulness to Mistress Sabina needs to be communicated on a continual basis. The slave is always in submission to my Mistress Sabina Erotica,  whether He is present or not,

A slave to Mistress Sabina should be ready to please Her at anytime, in any place, under any circumstances, regardless of who may be present. For the opportunity to submit and suffer to please is by far more important and satisfying than any other pursuit. A slave should trust Sabina Erotica to push the envelop of the slave so that new boundaries can be explored with the Mistress.

The purpose of a slave is to endlessly supply ideas to Mistress Sabina in an effort to increase Her power, Her power over the slave, Her Financial status, Her Domain, and Her wellbeing. The purpose of a slave is tirelessly be available to do anything She commands, at any hours

Genuine Financial Servitude A slave should consider Mistress Sabina as your financial adviser. Whether a slave is fortunately blessed or barely scraping by, paycheck to tribute, remember you will be contributing to the glamorous life of a superior female.

Transfer your savings to Sabina. Many slaves have saved money over the years, collected in the form of savings accounts, retirement accounts, stocks, CDs, savings bonds or family trusts. Most slaves may not have had a reason before to save money before, until they meet Sabina Erotica.


Another genuine way to serve Mistress Sabina is to establish a daily savings plan for Her A slave should start a simple and progressive method of saving gradually building up into more money that ordinarily would have been wasted away on yourself. A slave should analyzing his spending habits each day on incidentals such as coffee, bagels, newspapers. These expenses seem minor at first, but once you get into the habit of sacrificing more and more for Mistress Sabina.

Take on extra work . Most slaves work only 8-12 hours a day, leaving extra hours of downtime when they are not sleeping.  Downtime that could best be put to use earning extra money for Mistress. The truly authentic slave will take advantage of this opportunity and take on a part-time second job that they can work during their off hours…Working 10,12,14, even 16 hours by taking on a second job is the ultimate commitment.

A slave can prove he is genuine, by selling unwanted or unnecessary belongings. Take a look around you.  In your closet, in your garage. Are there items of clothing, jewelry, furniture, decor, tools, electronics that are outdated, unused or otherwise forgotten over the years? Slaves’ should stage a yard sale, hawk your goods on eBay or Craigslist, haul everything down to the local pawn shop.

Ultimate in slavery – Liquidate everything you physically own,  sell your house, your car, all your material possessions, and submit to a more humbled existence.

A truly devoted slave needs only a roof over his head by downgrading to a tiny apartment and pass those savings on to Mistress Sabina every month!

 Inventory your personal possessions and soon you will realize how excessive your life once was before you found Mistress Sabina. That bed can be traded in for a mat on the floor. That flat-screen TV and DVD player is unnecessary when you can watch for free on your computer. With a bit of thought and research, every material part of your menial life can be minimized or eliminated in order to provide more to Sabina Erotica

As a Devoted, Genuine and Authentic slave, you may be surprised at how little you need to live. Shed your life of superficiality and prepare to enter a journey of extreme and ultimate sacrifice and complete financial ruin submission to Mistress Sabina Erotica.


Written by one of my lucky slaves.


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The Intense Suffering of a Male Slave Owned by Sabina Erotica


For several years, one particular owned slave has been serving me. I’ll call him “randy”. The past year, I have allowed randy to speak to me on a daily basis. I lowered the Domme/sub division a bit and got quite friendly with him, allowing him to tell me whatever was on his mind at the time. I made jokes, laughed with him and generally made him feel quite good. Special, in fact.

I allowed this to go on for months. Retaining my dominance while making my slave feel comfortable. I knew he was very committed to me. He enjoyed my presence in his life and told me that I was the only reason he smiled and laughed in his busy stressful life. And in return, I enjoyed his loyalty.

But I had a hidden agenda. And an ulterior motive.


When it comes to slaves and getting my way, I can be very, very patient, calculating, predatory and dangerous if you do not do what I want you to do.

Direct commands are utilized first. I should only have to say it one time. If you disobey me and I have to state the order more than once, my dark and dangerous side is triggered… In total secret. You will never know it, but you are on tenuous ground. You see, I am more manipulating than anyone you have ever met before. Happy randy had no idea.


Meanwhile, happy randy was enjoying yet another conversation with me when I asked him one more time to obey a command. He gave yet another excuse, so I concluded the call, blocked his number, and didn’t talk to him at all. Silence. Silence can be most effective when you know your slave could not live without his connection to his mistress, and that it would be a severe punishment. For this slave, I knew this would be the ultimate punishment. To cast him away.

If you were my owned slave, I would use the worst punishment particular to you. That’s one of the reasons so many slaves want to be owned by me. I have no generic way of training male slaves. I get inside your head first, find your specific desires and weaknesses, then use both in order to get my way.

Back to happy randy. I enjoyed cutting him off. I enjoyed the thought of him suffering. I didn’t care about cutting him off at all. I enjoyed the email he sent a week later, telling me his suffering made him sick, and he had to  go to the hospital and didn’t know what happened.


What happened was, I was teaching him a hard lesson:

Never to disobey me again.

My orders and assignments are put in place for very good reasons. To train my personal slaves in ways I know are best for me, and best for them. My owned slaves have a personal responsibility to be better than casual slaves. They are held to a higher standard. I know no one else compares to me, so I expect my slaves to appreciate that, and strive every day to please me, regardless of the task. It’s that simple.

After a few months of total silence, I decided to see if he had learned his lesson, and called him unexpectedly. He answered, recognized me, then his voice fell to a whisper as he told me that he was at home (and did not want family to hear him).


Ahh, I see that he still needed to learn some lessons now that he knew I was dead serious about my unique style of punishment. I told him to call later, and let him know, that I was #1 in his life.  I was more important than his stupid wife. Whenever I call, from now on he is to excuse himself from whatever he is doing, and take my call.

Then he sent me the photo I had been demanding. This time he sent the photo immediately. And he understood that I was teaching him a powerful lesson, that I was capable of anything, I would always get my way, and he better never ignore or disobey me again.
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The Seduction of Control -Life-Control -Financial Control -Orgasm Control

controlControl. Being controlled. A sexy wicked woman controlling your every move, your every dollar, your whole life.

Exciting, titillating, thrilling.

How much would that mean to you? To be controlled in all the ways you love, and more than you can imagine.

You are in charge of the other areas of your life. Now it’s time to give full control over to me. I love to control. It’s natural for me to be in charge.

I have an endless number of ways to control you, and more than you yourself could think of.

I know it’s time. Suck it up and call me. This is the first day of your new life.


And for a slave who I am controlling in every way, this is for you…


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Another Extreme Financial Domination Contestant – Sabina Erotica FinDom – Suffering – Tease and Denial


I already mentioned the financial domination 2016 contest, now there is another contestant! That’s right, another money slave was inspired to strive to be the one who gives me the most money this year. I am so excited that my current pay piggies have inspired yet another human ATM in order to up the ante and make it more exciting! I will of course, update the totals as they increase.

It’s never too late to partake in indulging your goddess Sabina Erotica. Extreme financial domination will always be my most favorite form of power exchange and control. Money is the one thing that represents power more than any better form of domination.

1---braYou know you want to get me excited. You know you want to please me. Spoiling and indulging me is the highest form of worship that a man can do. Showing your servitude by making my life easier. Your sacrifice shows me your loyalty, dedication and desire to be one of my exclusive favorite submissive men.

Did I mention that I have a slave who has been denied an orgasm for four long, suffering, excruciating, painful, erotic months? To make it particularly cruel, I made him watch pornography every single day. He used a cock stimulator and yet I still denied him that ultimate pleasure. Week after week after painful week, my slave was instructed to collect pictures of his favorite pornography in order to torment him and make him suffer for me. He completed many assignments I gave him. and worked very hard at keeping me happy.


I arranged a day in which I would allow him to cum while watching him on the exclusive surveillance camera I made him install in his office so that I might watch him, and record anything I make him do.

Once I finally allowed that ultimate pleasure it took him all of three seconds to blow his load! Can you imagine being denied for so long and being tormented the way I tormented this slave? I loved every single minute of the suffering I put this slave through.

Does suffering excite you? I am not afraid to go further than anyone you have ever met. I already ruined many men’s lives and livelihoods, and make them live in a cardboard box. When I am asked “Sabina, do you really really mean that? Do you really ruin me all the way? ? Do you feel bad when you really ruin them and their lives?’ I always laugh because the answer is yes I will go all the way, all the way to the very end and no, I never worry about it. I will take stocks, bonds, CDs, college funds, 401(k)s, retirement plans, liquidate assets, making you charge your credit cards to the max and take everything you have.


So when it comes to making you suffer I am just as pleased to make you suffer in all the ways you ever imagined and so much more. This is why I prefer long term genuine slaves. Because both me and you get so much more out of it than the occasional single session. The ways to accomplish this is endless.

It’s funny how particular fetishes wax and wane. One month it might be confessions, body worship, money slavery, financial ruination, tease and denial, guided masturbation, high heel fetish and gang bangs. The next month I may get a lot of calls regarding addiction training, forced intox, poppers, white superior race play, repetitive time-consuming assignments, raise the rate and panty perverts. I love being a dominant woman. Every day, Eevery month, every year is new and exciting and fun and gives me energy. My love for dominating you will be immediately obvious when you pick up that phone and start speaking with me.


But two kinks that remain consistent from year to year, are my two favorite ways to control you: Financial Domination and real femdom blackmail. I know you crave to be controlled. You desire a woman who loves to tell you what to do. You want to have somebody else think for you sometimes. You are desperate for a way to decompress. Your significant other would never be able to understand these desires. You might think that these feelings are somehow wrong and unhealthy. But simply calling me will help you understand and embrace this side of you that cries out to be experienced. I have helped thousands and thousands of men accept and feel very good about the kinds of kinks they happen to enjoy. I am positive I can help you too.
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Sabina Erotica .com Website Update

red-top-website-banner I love this photo, I look so fucking hot. Don’t you agree? I know you do.

I have been doing a little work on my Sabina website. I love updating it and giving it a fresh new look. Maybe one day I will trust the submissive designer and have a whole different look. But in the meantime I really enjoy enhancing my website on regular occasions.

So many things have been happening, so many slaves I have been controlling, and so many pay pigs I have been cash raping. All my pets are so good to me and I love controlling all of you in return. The number of distance training slaves I have grows by leaps and bounds. I may have to start limiting the number of long-distance, long-term slaves. I like to keep track of everyone of my loyal pets, and I like to do it right. So those who are lucky enough to be included as one of my long-term slaves, is a lucky pet indeed.

FemDom blackmail has been heating up lately as one of the favorite games my male slaves love to play. I have so much information on several men currently that I could ruin their lives forever! I love the power and the control of knowing so much about these men that I could crush them with a single fingertip. Or I can demand any sort of servitude I desire. As it should be. They always, always thank me for the control that I command over them.


Cock control, tease and denial, jerk off instructions, cuckolding, mind fucking, and as always, financial domination are popular the past the weeks. This is why I love, love, love doing telephone domination. Because the number of submissive men changes from day to day. No two days are ever the same, and I hear the most outrageous fetishes and fantasies! It never ceases to amuse me to be able to play with my male slaves, submissives and pay pets.

Meanwhile an extreme financial domination contest is under way. Two of my pay pets are going head to head to try to outdo the other pay pig. But they love the competition! And in fact, hope that they will inspire other pay pigs to join in the competition. I would love to see many of you all trying to out pay the other. It’s so fucking hot and exciting! If I haven’t said it before, I love it when my slaves compete to try to win my affection.

I will be updating another website, and making new recordings and perhaps selling photos. I know how many of you want pictures of me, And would be willing to pay premium price for them. I am considering it. I doubt they will be full nudes as those are only given to slaves who have been most loyal to me. Being able to lay your eyes upon my goddess of a temple body is of the highest reward. It’s not for the lowly occasional submissive. No my pets. It is only for select male slaves.

Mmmm is this exciting you as much as it is me?
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10 + Years Online Mistress Femdom Male Slave Distance Training – Sabina Erotica

10-years-online-Sabina-Erotica-FemDom-Findom-Financial-Dominatrix-money-mistressOver 10 years of controlling, dominating, seducing and mind-fucking thousands of men. I love controlling you! These 10 years online have been the best ever. When I did more real-time sessions, I enjoyed those, however, you cannot get the volume of submissive men to entertain you every day as you can by controlling men online.

I have learned more than I could ever learn in a lifetime doing real-time sessions. By doing phone and distance training for over a decade, every day I learn something new. Every day my skills are honed to a fine sharp edge. Every day I mind-fuck you easier, more flawlessly than you have ever felt before. Every day I separate men from their money. And best of all, they always thank me for it.

The fact that so many men are willing to share their deepest darkest secrets with me, has always been a privilege. I love knowing you and I know you better than you know yourself. I have always surrounded myself with men; either my alpha lovers, or my submissive playthings. Men fascinate me, you interest me. I don’t hate men, I love men.

executive-domination3I love talking about all sorts of intelligent and various different topics with each and every man that I speak with. I love talking business. But most of all I love helping you decompress by making your mind go blissfully blank and dive deeply into your subspace. I will help you feel as comfortable and as trusting as you’ve ever felt before. Under my control you will experience bliss for the first time. You will want to wrap yourself around my little finger.

I am not depleted by control, In fact I am energized by it. I have never felt the desire to relinquish control and be submissive. I personally do not believe that a person can truly be a switch. I believe that we are hardwired inside, as either dominant or submissive. I have never, ever desired in any way shape or form to be submissive. I am naturally dominant, through and through.

I love the fact that so many men are very outwardly alpha in their daily lives, run huge corporations, own big businesses, work in the music industry, the film industry, attorneys politicos… and then they share all those secret desires that they cannot share with anyone else. And they will bow down at my feet and beg me to take control. Nothing feels better to me than controlling you.


And as for the myriad of subjects that I have discussed over this past decade… Well, it’s very hard to tell me something I have not heard before, and I believe I’ve pretty much heard it all. Everything from sexy seductive cuckolding scenarios, where I love being the cuckoldress. Making you wear chastity devices, keeping your cock locked up dripping with anticipation, listening to my lover and I in the other room while you sit there shivering and wanting to crawl on your hands and knees into that room to watch me getting pleasured in a way that you can never pleasure me.

Behavior modification where I change the way you live by controlling your actions. Whether it be through chronic masturbation, ruined orgasms, making you addicted to things like cigarettes or poppers, exercising a lot or exercising very little, piercing, tattooing, branding, dildo training, forced intoxication, and many many more ways to modify by your behavior. Too many to mention here.

I love seductively infiltrating your brain, and weaving around inside your head like a grey fog. Making you desire to serve me, to please me, to wrap yourself very tightly and happily around my little finger. The mind fuck is probably the most amazing form of control, short of financial domination and blackmail. The brain is the sexiest organ in the whole body. Control starts and ends between the ears. How we played out, well, that depends on how best I think you need to be controlled and in what way. Sapisexual  encounters (arousal by intelligent conversations). I think you would agree that one of the biggest turn on’s, a very close second to my gorgeous sexy body, 32 EE-22-32… Is a woman who is vastly intelligent, whip smart, and has the perfect blend of both formal education and street slick acumen.

From psychosexual drama, to psychological humiliation (I love to racially humiliate black men and make them worship this superior white goddess. I do not hold anything back!). Turning you into human furniture, Or a human ashtray, making you better by making you worse, sensory deprivation, Total power exchange, Unrequited love, Time constraints, body worship, embarrassing confessions, and of course select female supremacy.

If you read any part of my blog or website, you’ll know that my absolute favorite thing to do is financial domination, raise the rate, creating pay piggies, enjoying sugar daddy indulgences, and complete financial ruin. I have been financially controlling men before it was called financial domination. My experience with pay pigs and money slaves is more extensive than anyone. Nobody understands the mind of a financial domination enthusiast like I do. I have been on the leading curve of virtually every trend when it comes to domination.


Secondary to financial domination, I love FemDom blackmail. Whether it be consensual or non–consensual blackmail, I have had the pleasure of controlling and blackmailing hundreds and hundreds of men. The amusing thing, is each and everyone thanks me for the way I control my blackmail slaves. Nobody does FemDom blackmail like I do. Nobody knows how to control a man as well as I can. Whether it be physical, sexual or psychological, I’m and expert at all of it. Why? Because I absolutely love to control you.

This doesn’t even begin to describe the scope of things I have done to control men. I would have to be writing all day long in order to cover a portion of it. But this should give you some idea about the many, many ways I want to make you, my  personal pet.

Here is to many more years of dominating and controlling you. Talk to you soon.

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My Pay Pig and His Personal Line


I know my favorite sissy is excited to have his own personal pay pig listing. Sabina’s personal pay piggie. Over $10,000 dollars spent,  and well over a thousand already in the new year 2016. I know that when he sees this picture I created for him, that he will be even more excited! $50 straight to the max! More more more! I don’t do raise the rate with little sissy sucks anymore, I make him go straight to the max: $50 per minute each and every time. I won’t answer his phone calls if he calls me on any line that is less than $50 a minute. And you know what? He loves it! He thanks me! He is so excited in his new life of servitude, to Me, Sabina Erotica!

My sissy pays me $50 a minute while he pleasures himself with his Hitachi vibrator. He edges and teases his little clitty, and this life has become all about working hard in order to financially indulge me, his Mistress. His life has new meaning, and so can yours… if you too commit your life to my financial pleasure.


It’s hard to explain the kind of excitement that I feel when someone pays me a lot of money. Financial domination is a real, raw exchange of power. No role-play, no play-pretend, but real financial domination. I have been happily exploiting men financially for a very long time. I called it “gold digging”, but, financial domination suffices just as well.

Mmmm how excited I get when I see my account go up and up and up! Or my Amazon account in the hundreds and hundreds and thousands of dollars in gift cards, this is when I am most happy. Because there’s no disputing… Money is power. And when you give me your money you are truly giving me your power. I am getting excited merely thinking about it!


I know this blog post will excite my favorite sissy. But I also know, If you are reading this, it will excite you too. You may be curious why men give me so much money. It might frighten you, intimidate you, excite you, thrill you. Don’t be intimidated, don’t be afraid. You do not have to be wealthy in order to indulge me financially. This is always a misconception. I love tributes from $10-$10,000. It’s all about you, sacrificing for me. And that is what a submissive man does for this blond bombshell goddess.

And I love it when you take money away from your significant other, in order to indulge me. I don’t care where you get that money from. In fact the more you sacrifice in order to obtain money for me, the more exciting it becomes for me.

If I continue talking about things like financial domination, I always get too excited. So I am going to pause for this post and know that it has excited you even more. Don’t be shy, Don’t be afraid, it will be the best thing you have ever done. You will feel better than you have ever felt in your entire life. Lofty words? No, it’s the truth and I know because I’ve done it so many times. And all of those men, thanked me. Each and everyone thanks me. So, now it’s time for you to indulge yourself, in exciting me.

Call Me Now for FemDom Fetish Phone Sex Financial Domination Online Mistress -

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My Birthday Month – Financial Domination Winner – Mistress Sabina Erotica – Supreme FemDom – Male Slavery Updates

EXTREME-FINANCIAL-DOMINATION-FINDOM-FEMDOM-MISTRESS-BDSM-MALE-SLAVERY-DOMINATRIX-MONEY-SLAVERYHello my pets. So much has been happening in my perfect FemDom world. I haven’t been able to hang out like this in a while. So many men to dominate, cash rape and ruin, so little time. I love my life so much! Dominating men always energizes me. And men all say, there is something about me, something highly intelligent, expertly skilled and sexy as fuck. It’s all there in my thousands of feedbacks on Niteflirt. In their own words.

I have financially dominated so many willing and grateful victims I’m having a hard time counting it all. So many tributes, raise the rate games, amazon gift cards and ca$h, my favorite! As for the financial domination winner, I will update and designate the winners on my website in a few minutes. Love you cash piggies so much!!

Two long term slaves are being groomed and trained by me to embrace the fact I am going to ruin them. Ruin them hard. Too fucking exciting! I can’t get enough male slaves to ruin mentally, financially, physically, marriage, emotionally… All the ways a man can be ruined! So hot.

The Holidays were lucrative and gift-laden. Too many to mention.

And the best thing yet, this is my Birthday month!

Yes, this is the month to celebrate your mistresses’ royal birth. All month long. I welcome tributes, and games of raise the rate. I will take Amazon gift cards too, but I have so many already, I’d like the money. Treat your queen the way she deserves. I know it will please you to do so. I’d like to start this years financially domination winner right away.

So my pets, what do you crave? Cuckolding, cash rape, female superiority, sapiosexual conversations (sexual arousal by highly intelligent talk), strapon play, home wrecking, REAL blackmail, financial ruin, shoe licking, goddess worship, intense psychological humiliation, clothed female naked male (CFNM), tease and denial, jerk off instructions (JOI), racial humiliation (black men in particular, I am not afraid to hold back!), and so much more.

You know you crave to be controlled by a super sexy smart woman. Beauty + brains = DANGEROUS!
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Two New Delicious Tasty Audio .mp3′s

Yes my pets, more aural ear candy for you.

Poppers and blackmail! If you do not know what poppers are, you are missing out! It’s a legal, sexual enhancement liquid. Google for more info if you’d like, or listen to my .mp3 and I will tell you more. I’m sexier than google!

And is my blackmail real or just a fantasy? Find out!

Call Me Now for FemDom Fetish Phone Sex Financial Domination Online Mistress -

Sabina Erotica 800-863-5478 ex 01-88-32-14

Free FemDom Phone Sex – Hear My To-Die-For voice for free – Lucky You!

Click for the web's best phone sex on and find FemDom Sabina Erotica

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