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At one time I used to spend a little time on this free BDSM networking websites. All My subs were talking about them (not so much any more) so I decided to check them out for Myself. What I found were the words “submissive” and the word “slave” in particular being used and misused over and over again.

There is a difference between a submissive man and a male slave.

A submissive man and his needs are taken into some consideration. He finds happiness in serving Me, but might expect to get some sexual release. He will work hard to please Me,  give Me money, buy Me gifts, (if real time): do My chores, run My errands, rub My feet, massage My back, perhaps function as My cuckold, and generally still be thought of as a man, simply a submissive man. Often, but not with every subbie (online versus real time), I will control all of his finances. I suppose you could think of it in terms of a “house slave”. A slave with some rights, and who enjoys some privileges.

A male slave is property. He lives to serve Me, as property. A workhorse. Slave labor. A slave has no rights or opinions. A slave takes demands and commands and does so with no voice. His sexuality is a non issue. For all practical purposes he has none. He never address Me unless he is asked to do so, and never ever refuses a direct command. A slave will always have his money earned from his day time job deposited into My account, I control his money as with every aspect of his life.

Male Submissive Behavior Conditioning

When it comes to submissive conditioning, in general terms I employ techniques such as making the male submissive do repetitive behavior, explore guided imagery,  attach the sexual response to certain images or items or words.

When done correctly, you can train a man to become very aroused, and therefore submissive, by saying a word, or showing him an object. A man who is aroused is weak, he is submissive, and he is a willing subject in My hands.

Conditioning in combination with a mans sexual arousal is a powerful tool. A man can be trained in most any way when you employ this technique.

There is a reward and punishment system in place. If the submissive does good, I might indulge him in his favorite kink. If he is bad, I will give him genuine punishment. Not one that he likes. You know the old joke: How do you punish a masochist? You don’t. So the punishment is a real one.

A submissive retains most of his own identity, however, I am controlling every area of his life I feel needs to be controlled. He still may have a lot of free time and personal rights.

Male Slave Training Techniques

The things that can be used to train a male slave are as varied for a submissive man. Sensory deprivation, whipping, canning, shackles, hoods, cages, long term chastity, branding, objectification.

The slave must first be willing and able to function as a slave. I see the term “slave”  used very commonly, but most slaves are really submissive men with the wrong label.

A slave does what he is told without question. If he misbehaves, he is beaten, tied, shackled, deprived of sight or sound, or subjected to an overload of these things.

A slave has no opinion, so he can’t ask for nor give one. His job is to be a workhorse, and do heavy labor or grunt work. He is used as a party favor by men, or women sexually while not getting his sexual needs met. His sexual needs are denied as this helps keep a slave subdued.

Since he is property, My property, I expect him to be branded like one. He lives to serve as a true slave in the dictionary definition of the word, which is what a slave should be. Owned property. He may be allowed to continue working his conventional job, but best if he can work from home or the slave quarters in order to be of value.

He has highly restricted access to computers, phones, family and friends.

For Me, there is a marked difference between a submissive man and a male slave, and one should not be confused with the other. Both can serve well, and have very positive functions in My life, and both are valuable. However, the submissive has a different value than the slave. The submissive has a lot more “freedom” that the slave does not.


If you are a man who still considers yourself a slave after reading this, I’d be interested in hearing why you think you are, unless you have a different definition for the word, and, My opinion is the only one that counts, so your opinion is wrong.

I plan on writing a series of blog posts about this in the future. If you wish to discuss this, you know what to do:

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